Children love to play,
and we pride ourselves in encouraging learning through fun.

What is
Camel Ride?

To learn something in an easy process, then we are providing one of the safe places for children and the process of learning through play, and we first ensure that children will learn all basic skills with the help of our fun-loving environment and creative activities. Our first goal is to boost the children’s confidence and their learning skills with different types of activities at our Camel Ride place.

Our modes of teaching include:

Proactivity toy

Home-based activities

Creatively designed
activity books



We first focus on mathematics, language, and logical skills. Our highly qualified teacher will provide the best learning environment to acquire skills in an easy method, and it will help children in their future academic life to achieve at large.


We have one of the best learning environments, especially group learning; designed educational toys with these toys, children will learn better and identify the objects because the curriculum delivered to these children is completely well-structured according to the plan and age groups of the children. The educational plan for each of these grades is invented to enhance children’s learning speed while playing in a fun environment.

We have one of the creative thinker staff well-trained, highly qualified, and professional to provide a better and more fun-loving education systematically and take care of each child. However, we conduct regular parent-teacher meetings to inform all the parents about their children’s progress.

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